Our Mission

To provide safe, efficient, and free cannabis to our veterans by pairing them with growers. 


It is our belief that the healthcare system for veterans lies in disarray. Many veterans are faced with taking a cocktail of medications for service-related physical, mental, and emotional injuries. These medications have many side effects, some of them permanent. We believe our nations heroes deserve better and should have a say in the quality of their care.


There have been many studies about the medical benefits of cannabis since the California legalized medical use in 1996. These studies range from pain mitigation to psychoactive benefits. However, medical cannabis is expensive, not offered by the VA.

 not a grower but still want to help? 
  We are in need of 
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Alesha Lane

After spending her teen years in Southern Oregon, Alesha came to Virginia in 2004 without hope that the medical program many relied on in Oregon would be available in her new state.  The day that cannabis was legalized, she started giving out as much as she could.  She started with clones and seeds in the hope that every person with the need or desire to grow started as soon as possible to fill the medical need that would be exploited when legal recreational sales came.  

After her first harvest, she put her 11 years of baking and cake decorating experience to work making edibles to give out to people free of charge.  She found a huge population of underserved veterans trying to get off opiates, trying to sleep without nightmares, and trying to mitigate side effects of PTSD while receiving little or no help at the VA.  She worked to perfect her gummy recipe and create tinctures and FECO to aid her in her quest to serve the people who served her first.

Gardening has been a part of her life since she was a child in the foothills of Mount Rainier in Washington, surrounded by farms.  Her mother instilled the very basics of gardening from an early age.  As an adult, she’s always had a garden in her backyard, however small that yard might be.  Nine years ago, she met a wonderful woman and Master Gardener who opened her eyes to gardening for sustainability and survival.  This commitment to sustainable gardening has followed into her cannabis growing, where she continues to learn everyday from the Earth and the wonderful plant She provides.