Just the facts 

Yes, It's legal! Our organization is headquartered in Virginia were cannabis is recreationally legal and we do not sell or profit from it. Since we do not handle cannabis donations directly, we are able to connect Growers to Veterans for adult sharing.

Is it tax deductible? No, sorry!  Since cannabis is currently still federally illegal, the IRS won't grant us 501c3 status without our being dishonest with them.  Until cannabis is legal federally, we will continue to accept both monetary donations, gift cards and growing supplies.


Do you screen Veterans and Growers? Yes! We take great care to interview in person or virtually both our Veterans and Growers. We love to make perfect matches! We pair our Veterans with the very best Grower for the type of cannabis they use.

Can I donate if Cannabis is not legal where I live?

Absolutely! We would love to put your donation to good use to serve our Veterans.