Come Grow With Us!

One of the best things about cannabis is sharing it and living in the community.  If you find that you produce more than you really need and you want to do something tangible to build your community and help people, we are the people that can connect you with an underserved veteran.

We interview our growers, but we don’t poke around in their lives or have a need to keep track of their activities.  We do ask that you have a legal grow and a commitment to serving our veterans.  We will pair you with a veteran and streamline the process.

What’s in it for you?  We have a point system by which you may receive free donated supplies such as soil, nutes, tents, and lights, or even potentially cash to help you purchase supplies or cover those insane electric bills.  You will have access to our seed bank, and we can help you find specific strains.  We have also paired with Homegrown VA to offer a great discount for our Growers!

So what do you say? 

Fill out the form below and get started making a difference with Cannabis today!

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